I haven't made any holiday plans for this year yet. Can anyone suggest a decent place to go which is reasonably priced and has plenty to see and explore?


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If you're heading off in the summer, I'd recommend inter-railing around Europe--you'll see so much.

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pacific isles would be the ideal place for holiday. You can find brilliant
coral reefs and amazing underwater life. The islands are perfect adventure
spots. You can go for Moorea, Matalia, Solomon Islands, Fiji etc. In order to
have fun with snorkeling and several other aquatic activities.  Not just scuba diving, you can explore some
of the active volcanoes over there also. Holidays are incomplete without
appropriate accomodation facilities. Choose one of the finest accommodations at
your favorite destination:

Solomon Islands

·  www.heritageparkhotel.com.sb



·  http://www.anchoragefiji.com/



·  http://www.hotelkaveka.com/


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Very informative!
Royal Scots Club Edinburgh
If you are thinking about Europe we highly recommend Scotland, especially Edinburgh, plenty to see and reasonable prices (much cheaper than London).
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According to me, the best place to go out on holidays is USA and there are many places to visit. But my favourite one is Orange Beach, Alabama and it is very beautiful place for visiting.

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Best place to go out on holidays is UK but it depends on you
what kind of sight you choose like city, park, hiking, or camping. There is a
lot to do in UK like Camping you can hang out with your friends, family or dear
ones. It will also cost you much cheaper than going into the city or a national
park. I am also a camper lover. I love to travel to new the places all the time
but do not forget to carry with you high quality materials like drive away
awnings, caravan, products like Kampa, Outwell, and many more. 

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