I Plan To Travel This Thursday. Where Can I Go On Holiday From South Africa Without A Visa?


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If you hold a valid South African passport, you don't require a visa to visit most African countries.

You can also travel to many American and European countries without needing a visa (usually for a specified amount of time).

Which countries can South African citizens travel to without a visa?

If you're planning to stay in the African continent, then many countries don't require South African citizens to apply for a visa. These include popular destinations like:
  • Seychelles
  • Kenya
  • Mauritius
  • Saint Helena (although a $12 visitors pass is required).
The amount of time you can spend in each country before needing a visa varies between 30 and 90 days. I'd recommend checking with the relevant authority before travelling.

Some other African countries will allow South African passports to apply for a visa on arriving at the airport. This means that the paperwork is minimal, and the only thing you'll need is enough cash to pay for your visa stamp at the airport. These countries include:

  • Madagascar
  • Tunisia
  • Togo
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
Travelling to 'The Americas' from South Africa

There are also a number of very popular tourist destinations in both North and South America that offer visa-free admission to South African citizens. Some of my favourite countries for chilling out and relaxing make this list, including:

  • Brazil
  • Bahamas
  • Jamaica
  • Belize
  • Peru
  • Venezuela

Visa-free travel to Asia, Europe and the Middle East You may also want to consider a holiday to Asia, Europe or the Middle East as there are several exciting destinations that your South African passport will give you access to.

Countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Ireland and Israel do not require you to have a visa - whilst countries like South Korea, Turkey and Nepal will issue you a straight-forward visa upon entry.
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There are many countries that South Africans can visit as it is part of the Commonwealth so any of those would be a good option. You do not mention how long you would be gone, as distance may be an issue.

Australia,New Zealand and Canada may be good options but a little far. Closer to home are Namibia which is fascinating and had desert sands for sand boarding, seas and coasts, and Etosha for wildlife.

Swaziland or Lesotho are full of wonderful things to do -mountains, rivers, horse-riding, casinos, wildlife. Then Mozambique for adventure, sea and sand; good food and cheap accommodation.

If you like exotic islands how about Mauritus or the Seychelles?

There are many options including Kenya and Malawi and Zimbabwe all with spectacular sights and wildlife.

Your travel agent can help you book.
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Being part of the Commonwealth these days means absolute squat! Canada, Belize, Australia, New Zealand all need visas. Having a green passport makes life really difficult - I have three to juggle with when I'm planning trips abroad, for sending to different Embassies.
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Uhm... If you carry a South African passport you actually do need a visa to go to Canada! You can get a one entry, or a time specific visa. Contact the consulate of the country you want to visit in stead of listening to this idiot!
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Turkey does require a visa from SA nationals nowadays, though it wasn't always that way. This can be obtained from the Turkish consulate in Pretoria *prior to departure* and can take a long time.
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There is a great website listing all the countries that South Africans can travel to without a visa called and a Facebook group,
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Mauritius, Tunisia and Turkey offer visas upon arrival at the airport. Malaysia. Swaziland. Lesotho. Brazil. Argentina.
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I've been to Sri Lanka on a South African will be issued on arrival.  Also Brazil, and I'm now on my way to Peru, without having to get visas.

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