What qualities do you have that will make you an outstanding 5-Star Cabin Crew member at Qatar Airways?


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It's not easy being an "outstanding 5-Star Cabin Crew member", that's probably why Qatar Airways is asking this question. They accept that a career in the skies is not for everyone, and this question is designed to weed out the strongest 5-star contendors.

To make sure you are among those selected for the next phase of recruitment, you really have to prove your outstanding 5-Star qualities,

How to become a cabin crew member for Qatar Airways

1. Appearance is everything. You will hear a lot of useful information about how to impress people in your quest to become a cabin crew member, but the truth is that if you don't look the part, your application won't be successful.

2. Check out this page on the qualities required by cabin crew. It is a useful resource for people aspiring to join the industry, no matter what airline they will be flying under. //

3. Watch this video guide meant for cabin crew hopefuls with Qatar Airways and other airlines:

I'm sure you'll make an awesome addition to the Cabin Crew team at Qatar Airways, so good luck!

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