What qualities do you think a cabin crew must have?


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Kathryn Amis answered

I think the most important quality of any member of the cabin crew is stamina!  They are on their feet all the time. Of course they need other qualities too, like a sense of humour, a liking for working with difficult people and the ability to serve meals and drinks in small spaces!

But, I suppose the most important quality would be to 'keep calm and carry on!'

People need to trust that the cabin crew are trained for any emergency.

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Sara Lewis answered

I think one of the most important qualities for cabin crew is a high tolerance for people who are tired and grumpy!

It's a strange job, because although it is essentially serving food or drinks in the same way that you would in a café or restaurant, nobody on the plane has 'chosen' to dine there, and are essentially just counting down the minutes until they can get out!

Combine this with being enclosed in a tight space and being deprived of sleep, and people can get a bit cranky.

Another quality is energy. It amazes me how they run up and down the aisles almost constantly for up to 13 or 14 hours, with very little opportunity to rest before someone presses their call button and requests a cup of tea.

I love this comedy sketch about being in the cabin crew! Brilliant!

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