What month is the weather the best in Florida?


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Natalie Jo Price Profile

That all depends on the type of weather you like. During summer months, the humidity can get pretty bad there. I hate humid weather, but you may like it. If you like drier air, the spring months are better. It also depends on where in Florida you are interested in. If your near the ocean, the air can be quite moist no matter what. I forgot to add the fact that spring time is hurricane season, so you need to keep an 'eye' on weather reports. (Pun intended)

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Cuthbert Harry answered

According to my point of view end of april and start of may is a best time to go there. It offers a wide range of great destinations that can be enjoyed
anytime.  Disney World and other attractions as well as plenty of
coastline with wonderful beaches.

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Jeff Plunkett answered

Florida is the only place where you can go any time, Its totally depends upon your agenda....

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Jason Levy answered

is known for its warm and lovely climate, which is the reason it is
one of the top traveller destinations in North America and has the
epithet "The Sunshine State. So as indicated by my perspective
the best climate and sensible group levels you ought to most likely
pick the initial two weeks of May or the most recent two weeks of

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