What Is The Driving Distance From Greensboro, NC To Asheville, NC?


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From Asheville to Greensboro it’s approximately 170 miles.  When leaving Greensboro you will take I-40 West toward Winston-Salem about 165 miles and then merge onto I-240 West and drive about 5 miles to the downtown Asheville exits.

After visiting the Greensboro Coliseum for a show and possibly even the Greensboro Historical Museum the next stop on your tour of North Carolina is Asheville.  Asheville is a particularly beautiful area of NC and offers a unique arts community, outdoor adventures, an inviting downtown, and several historic and architectural attractions, together with unique shopping options. 

While visiting Asheville, NC you will want to spend several days in order to immerse yourself into the atmosphere.  

Asheville is home to the Foodtopian Society and is one of the nation's premiere food destinations.  The available guided walking tours offer a sumptuous glimpse into this exotic world of local Asheville restaurants, gourmet shops and microbreweries.  These culinary destinations showcase the diversity and authenticity of the foods they provide. 

Beyond food and wine, Asheville offers historical sites including the Biltmore Estate.  The Biltmore offers finely maintained and restored historic beauty in its entire estate.  The gardens are especially beautiful and are maintained meticulously. 

There are several arts districts in Asheville that are home to hundreds of artists.  The Asheville Art Museum offers a variety of shows and collections year-round.  Asheville’s art scene includes an energetic musical environment. From bluegrass and mountain music and cutting edge rock and jazz, the city’s creative atmosphere inspires artists of all mediums.  The Thomas Wolfe Auditorium showcases opera and ballet performances year-round. There are even street performers entertaining the crowds on almost every corner of downtown.

Whenever visiting North Carolina, there are many things to see and do.  Great food, local and other fine wines, good people and beautiful scenery keep your trips interesting and fun.
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Go to google map and put in your starting point and your destination and the site you give you a appoximate driving time...good luck
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About 145 miles, almost 3 hours drive time.

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