What Is The Distance Between Columbus OH And Wilmington NC?


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The distance between Columbus, Ohio, and Wilmington, in North Carolina, is roughly 620 miles. However, depending on which road route you choose to take, this can become longer or shorter.

The journey should take you around 10 to 11 hours, again depending on which route is taken and not accounting for any overnight stops you may choose to take.

Both routes have tolls, so you should ensure that you have sufficient payment before travelling. Both routes stay the same, until you get in to North Carolina. The faster route is to go through Winston Salem, Greensboro and Raleigh to get to Wilmington. The slightly longer route, however, which uses larger, more open roads, takes you slightly off route for a time, taking you to the east of North Carolina and through Charlotte.

Google maps are a great tool when planning journeys. Simply type your location into Google, click on the maps tab at the top, and a map should appear with your location tagged. Then, simply click on the ‘get directions’ tab, type in your chosen location and various routes will appear. Google also provides you with full directions to your location. However, it is advisable that you check traffic conditions before you set off, as it will not be able to tell you if there are any delays on your chosen route.

Wilmington is also known as The Port City as iy is on the shores of the Cape Fear River. It is a great location for golfing, and has many historic sights of interest. It is popular for holidaymakers because of its moderate climate, ideal for a summer getaway in the sun, with lots to do for the family too.

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