What Is The Distance From Raleigh-Durham, NC To Greenville, SC?


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As the crow flies, the distance between Raleigh-Durham, NC and Greenville, SC is 215 miles or 346 km. When traveling by car, the distance increases to 254 miles or 408 km. The journey, by car, takes approximately four and a half hours. It is possible to travel between the two destinations by plane. The flights are not particularly faster with journey times up to three and a half hours and price tags reaching up to $700.

  • Raleigh - Durham International Airport. This airport is located between the two cities of Raleigh and Durham, hence its name, and services approximately 10 million passengers a year. The airport has three runways and operates journeys to 40 domestic and international destinations. Originally the first airport to be built in the region, Raleigh-Durham is the main base of operations for Ram Air Freight. The dedication of this hub caused some loss to the company initially but, over time, the airport is beginning to gain back its customers. 
  • Greenville, SC. Greenville is the second largest city, in terms of urban population, in South Carolina. It is the seat of Greenville County and is part of the eight county CSA known as 'The Upstate'. Greenville is recognized for its variety of venues including the Bi-Lo Center, the Peace Center and the Fluor Field at the West End.  The city is the main shopping and dining area of the Upstate and has famous landmarks including the Falls Park on the Reedy and the Roper Mountain Science Center.
Traveling between these two destinations is a journey carried out by many who are flying in and out of the country. While some may find it easier to change for an internal flight, the much cheaper option is to travel by car.

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