How Far Is It From Malaga, Spain To Portugal? Is It Worth The Journey?


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It's only a few hours drive to get the Portuguese border.
3 hours to drive from Malaga (Spain) to Faro, in southern Portugal.

Is it worth it...?

Who can say?  What do you want to make it worth it?

Portugal is a beautiful country with much history, charming coastlines, a tradition rich in food and Latin warmth.

So maybe it's too much like Spain for you to bother.
Or maybe you'd like more of the same but with a different flavour?

The nature of southern Portugal is a mix of busy tourist resorts on pretty coastlines, and sleepy fishing villages.  Plus the odd historical town.

Easiest thing to do is to buy a guidebook for Portugal, especially the south (Algarve).  If you like the sound of things in the guidebook then it's probably worth the journey to you.

Buy a road map of the Algarve.

Tourist guides to the Algarve area.

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