How Far Is It Between The Gold Coast And Brisbane?


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The distance between the Gold Coast and Brisbane is 51 miles (82 kilometres). This is from the centre of Brisbane to one of the more popular beaches on the Gold Coast, Mermaid Beach. The time taken to travel by car is just over one hour. The journey can be made on the Pacific Motorway M1.

The Gold Coast is a city based on the coast in South East Queensland whilst Brisbane is the capital and the most populated city in Queensland. Brisbane has a population of over 2 million people and extends in all directions along the Brisbane River. The river and the city were named after Sir Thomas Brisbane, who was the Governor of New South Wales between 1821 and 1825.

Brisbane became the capital of Queensland when the colony was separated from New South Wales in 1859. Brisbane hosted the 1982 Commonwealth Games and the Goodwill Games in 2001. The Gold Coast is a huge tourist attraction because of its subtropical climate and its beaches, which are popular among surfers.

The city is also famous for its canals and waterways, and is running as a candidate to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The region was originally inhabited by an explorer called John Oxley, who landed at Mermaid Beach in 1823. The beach was named after his boat, Mermaid. In 1925, Jim Cavill helped increase tourism in the area by establishing the Surfers Paradise Hotel. Tourism continued to grow and by the 1940s journalists and real estate developers were referring to the area as the Gold Coast.

The name The Gold Coast was made official in 1958. There are approximately 40 kilometres of holiday resorts stretching along the coast from Coolangatta to Main Beach. The Gold Coast is Australia's largest city that is not a capital and is the sixth largest city in the country overall.
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The distance between Brisbane and Gold Coast is 42 miles or 69 kilometers.
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I don't know where you want to go on the Gold Coast.  I chose to measure from central Brisbane to Mermaid Beach, and

this great Ozzie website you should look at for any future queries

says that it's about 83 km (52 miles), or an hour and a half of driving.  The straightline distance (as the crow flies) is about 46 miles.
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