Where Is The Best Place To Take An Inexpensive Vacation, Just To Get Away?


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Eastern Europe travel probably presents some of the best travel bargains available. Places like Prague, Yalta, Vilnius are lovely and are relatively inexpensive. Especially if you can find a flight with a discount airline.
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The best place to take an INEXPENSIVE Vacation is to go to your nearest camp site.
(You'll save on the car gas!)...And you will GET AWAY.   You'll get away from electricity to
light your tent,  You'll get away from running water,  you'll get away from toilets  (There are always out houses at these camp sites.)  You'll get away from paved roads and you'll get away
from being lonely as there are  usually many people there minding each other's business.
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In the UK:
Most people find the budget airlines provide the perfect opportunity.  Go to Eastern Europe for cheap accomodation.  Better yet, plan to ...

CAMP when you get there.  Or go camping, in general, wherever you live (not just UK).  Find somewhere you like with a campsite and just go.  Second-hand decent quality camping gear can be bought on Ebay.

Also available from the UK are relatively cheap city breaks.  Places like Dublin or Amsterdam.  Bus services to the continent can get you to many places cheaply.

If camping isn't quite your thing you still might want to consider caravanning (or motor-homing).  It's almost chic nowadays.  At least it doesn't mean trying to set up a soggy cold tent in the pouring rain and blasting wind you get there.

Check places like Expedia and Lastminute.com for other holiday options.  Some people just book their vacation time, then walk into the travel agent's the week before with wallet and passport, asking what's available. Can pick up some bargains that way.
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For me, it would be best to plan for a golf vacation. You and your friends will really enjoy the stay. It would be relaxing and fun.
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I would consider a place with natural attractions, beaches, trekking areas where various activities can be performed, Gulf shores are preferred where you get delicious sea food too within your budget.

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