How Do I Find The Closest Beach?


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There are a few different searches you can do in order to find your closest beach. The simplest way is to look online with an Internet map system, such as Google Maps, which will enable you to pinpoint your current location so you can make an attempt to judge what coastline is nearest. Once you have seen the coastline that is you think look the closest to your location, you can then research the names of beaches that can be found along it. Websites such as Trip Advisor or Lonely Planet offer tips and reviews from visitors and locals recommending beaches in a specific area.

If you have a few beaches in mind you might like to visit, you can then look up directions online to get an estimated travelling distance and time. This way you can work out which beach is closest to you, determining how long it will take to get to a beach that may be further away but is more appealing. Obviously this can all be done with a paper map if you have one to hand.

Residents of the UK can use the website to search for beaches. This website offers a search engine that can be used to look for beaches in your region, or to look for beaches that offer a particular activity or atmosphere.

If your town or city has a centre where you can go for tourist information, they will often have leaflets and detailed information about any beaches that may be situated nearby. Staff working at the tourist information centre should be able to give you any advice about how to get to local beaches and what beaches in particular are good for the type of day out you are interested in, no matter whether it’s a relaxing sunbathe you’re after or to try out some jet skiing!
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You can do with the help of internet ,simply check on Google maps they shows  you the exact location what you want to find.

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If you are checking online and are in the UK, simple enter the key-words 'beaches UK' and wait for the results to pop up. Brighton Beach is a noted name amongst beaches in the UK. It is a one hour train ride south of London. It is also known for its restaurants and breathtaking scenery.

The coasts of Dorset, Cornwall and Devon also offer some of the best beach-sights in the UK. If you are on the 'Gold Coast Peninsula' of Wales, head to Swansea.  It is famed for its coves, bays as well as long expanses of gold and shiny beaches. An online beachguide like www.goodbeachguide.couk e is comprehensive with lots of valuable information and inputs about beaches.
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