What is a good place to visit in Southern US (Miss, Georgia, Etc.) for historical places to visit, and naturally Good Food. We have been to New Orleans and Nashville and have done Florida?


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I'm not that far South, but in West Virginia, there are many historical sites to visit....too many to list! If you're coming in the fall, it'll be that much better with the leaves changing! As far as good food....plenty of places to find authentic regional food!

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Barb Cala
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I'm in VA very close to the WV line ... very pretty landscapes! The mountains are all new to us having just moved here from IL. We love it!
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Charleston, South Carolina.  I wrote a long answer, but it got tagged for bad language for no reason.

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Daughter used to visit a friend there, but we have never been. It too will be on our possible list.
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@Moga sorry to hear that, our "bad language checker" sometimes gets mixed up. Please drop me a message if this ever happens to you again!
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That's not south... you have to come to texas we have texmex food yummy, and cajun food.

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You can be visit in Columbus in Georgia , It was very nice place for visiting , I am going in last year with my family .Their are several places you can visits , It was great experience to me .I have enjoy lots of things in Columbus .

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There are many good places but i would say Alabama has many places like Orange beach, Birmingham, Mobile. I have keen interest in sea food so i prefer to hunt such places. Moreover, these places have some amazing history like Rosa Parks museum and i love to explore such things.

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