Is Bolivia A Safe Place To Visit?


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In comparison to most countries in the Americas, Bolivia is one of the safest countries to visit. It has a lower crime rate compared to even that of the United States. Petty thefts do occur though, and it is not advisable for women to venture out alone or in all-female groups, especially at night. But overall, tourists have observed that Bolivia's volume of crime is one of the lowest in South America. Colombia and Venezuela are the two countries in South America that have registered the most number of cases of murder in the world. In 2000, Colombia ranked third in the world with 26, 539 cases of murder, after India (37, 170) and Russia (28, 904). Venezuela registered 8, 022 cases of murder in the same year, making it seventh in the world. Out of every 1, 000 people in Chile, 90 people are criminals, making it the South American country with the highest crime rate (nine per cent).

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