Is There A Bus That Runs From Atlanta Georgia To Savannah Georgia Daily And If So At What Times The Bus Runs During The Day And Evening?


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The Greyhound Bus leaves Savannah, Georgia, at 8:15pm and arrives at 1:35pm the following day, and for complete schedules you just have to visit the website at Greyhound lines are the largest bus service provider in North America and are the transportation of choice between cities.

  • Greyhound buses are particularly known for a well established route and schedule for all of its passengers from various cities to another in the United States. There are also other services it provides such as high value same day package delivery. The buses can also be chartered to serve schools, businesses, and other groups at affordable rates.
  • The company has three subsidiaries in the United States, which are the Valley Transit Company, Crucero USA, and Americanos USA. The Valley Transit Company serves the Texas Mexico Border, Crucero services southern California and Arizona into Mexico, and Americanos USA services various points between Mexico, Texas, and New Mexico. Greyhound also provides transportation in Canada through the Greyhound Canada division.
  • The Greyhound website has a plethora of features that make traveling so much more efficient. Some of the services you can avail of under the Services and Routes tab includes the Greyhound Express, Greyhound Connect, Neon, Boltbus, Crucero, Americanos, Reserved Seating, Priority Boarding, Print at Home, Discovery Pass, and Package Express.
  • You can also avail of great deals online exclusively through the site by clicking through the Deals and Discounts menu. Here you will find Web only fares, Advance Purchase, Family & Friends, and discounted trip fares.
  • Everything you need to know about traveling on the Greyhound buses are also covered in the Tickets and Travel info. It is discussed thoroughly in an easy to read format, so you never have to go on your trip unprepared.
Greyhound's efficiency and years of experience make them the top transportation provider.
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I know of one afternoon bus, leaving Atlanta 12:45 noon-- it's about 5 hour ride. There is another scheduled bus that arrives in Savannah at about dawn.

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