Which is the best place for us ?? we are planning for a tour but can't choose the best place between Colombia and Cartagena. one friend suggest Cartagena and also contact "Hicartagena (dot) com" for accommodation. need your suggestion.


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PJ Stein answered

Since we don't know you and what you enjoy doing we cannot answer that for you. I suggest you get on different travel sites and see what each place has to offer in terms of your interests. I find tripadvisor.com to be a great resource. It not only lists what attractions and activities, but accomodations. They are all also rated by real people who have actually been to them.

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Romane Yoann answered

Hi, I have no idea about this, but If you will search in google then you can get more travel and tourism sites. Contact them, they can help you a lot. Recently I go for a tour to Bordeaux with the help of rusticvinestours.com, which is not only a travel site, but also it takes you a relaxed Bordeaux wine-tour with an emphasis on creating a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. This tour is really perfect for wine-lovers of any age. Thanks a lot.

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