Do they still have pay per use toilets at airports? Been along time since i been to a airport


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I dunno, Otis, but I hope not. If so, maybe they could work out some kind of credit scheme.

Whe n the P&O Line opened it's new Sydney building in the 1960s it featured this rather striking sculpture that ran along the footpath (that's pavement to you) for the length of the building.

It was generally thought to be a urinal but was never intended to be a place to have a free pee. All money collected was to go to charity. However, if you were caught short without a coin to drop in the fountain, you could just pee and owe.

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Nope! Considering the price of airfare, I would think that would just be an insult. Actaully I ahve never seen one in and aiprport and I have been flying for nearly 40 years. I remember seeing one in a bus station though, and that was more than 40 years ago. 

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Not that I've seen at airports, but the last time I was in a bus station they had them.

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I wonder if someone thinks that people who can afford to travel by air are inherently better at keeping the toilets clean.

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