How Far Is It From Bali, Indonesia, To Sydney, Australia?


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The distance from Bali, Indonesia to Sydney, Australia in a straight line is round about 2,882 miles, which converts to approximately 4,637 kilometres, or 2,504 nautical miles.

It could take you around 7.2 miles if you fly from Bali to Sydney with a transfer somewhere, but a lot of airline companies nowadays will fly you there directly. This will take around six-and-a-half hours.

There are several airlines that fly direct from Bali to Sydney such as Qantas airlines, an Australian company. When you go to book your holiday, tell your travel agent that you wish to fly direct, they will then be able to tell you the range of prices that are available for the different flights. If a number of different airlines are presented to you, then you can have a research or look in to each to pick the one that you like the best. Although sometimes this isn't an option and you may have to go with the cheapest. Also remember to let your travel agent know about any flying preferences that you may have. And don't forget to get your Visas if you need them! Any other immigration documents that you have to fill in are usually handed out on the airplane when undertaking an international flight. Don't forget to check that your passport will not expire when you are in the middle of your holiday. If it does, speak to someone about getting it renewed before you go or what you can do about it.

You can find out the distance between any two cities anywhere in the world just by logging onto Google and searching for a travel distance calculator. Then just type in the two cities that you want to know the distance between and once you click the 'submit' or 'calculate the distance' button, you will have your distance.
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Straightline distance:  4619 km / 2870 miles.

It looks like you might be able to get a return flight for just over (Australian dollars) $1000.  Takes about 16 hours to fly each way if you have to change somewhere (like Kuala Lumpur). There are direct flights to Denpasar with Indonesia Garunda airlines, which should take only about 6 hours.  Garuda mostly gets very good passenger reviews.
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By Road, Time taken from Bali to Sydney is 13km and by air is 3 hours behind the Sydney. From Indonesia to Sydney by air, 6.5 hours and by road it will take around 9 hours nonstop.

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