What Is The Distance From Indonesia To The Philippines?


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The distance between Indonesia to Philippines is two thousand seven hundred and eighty two kilo meters that are one thousand seven hundred and twenty nine miles.
The journey may be shorter or longer depending upon the Air flight and the route chosen.

Indonesia is a republican nation of seventeen thousand five hundred islands. It is located in the south east part of Asia. It is the world's leading archipelagic state. Indonesia has a population of about 200 million people, making it the world's fourth most populated country. It is also known for the majority of Muslim community people. It is the world's third largest democracy. Its capital is Jakarta.

Philippines are an island nation which consists of seven thousand one hundred and seven islands. It is located in the south East Asia. Its capital is manila. It has an area of 300,000 sq kilometres or we can say 116,000sq miles, which makes it the world's 72 largest country.

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