What's The Weather Like In Cyprus?


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Summers in Cyprus are always hot and are almost completely rainless from about May to September. The skies are cloudless and the weather seems to stay the same day after day. In the Winter though is when they expect heavy rainfall and more disturbed weather. But, the temperatures are still mild and disturbed weather only lasts a for a bout a few days.
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It can get very hot in Cyprus. In Summer it's around the 97 degrees farenheit which is 36 degress centigrade. So it's a good idea to take a high factor sunblock. It's even more important if you have sensitive skin or if you find hot temperatures unbearable. Remember to to take plenty of aftersun to replenish your skin after a day in the sun bathing. Your tour rep will be able to advise you more about burn times when you get there.
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Cyprus has a long sunny season. It lasts from April well into November. July and August are the hottest months. The temperature reaches between 40 and 46 centigrade on average and the humidity can be extremely high. If you are travelling to Cyprus during the summer it's best to wear clothes made from natural fibres. Man made fibres cling and become most uncomfortable in the heat. The garments should also be very loose and baggy.
The sea can reach 28 centigrade and is never lower than 17 centigrade. You can usually swim comfortably throughout November.
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Cyprus has the hottest climate and hottest winters in the Mediterranean region, so bring lots of sunblock.

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