What Is The Time Difference In Portugal?


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Lisbon, Portugal is GMT +1 and it is in the Western European Summer Time or WEST Zone.

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Greenwich Meantime is the standard time clock that most countries and cities are on around the world. Portugal is in the WET or Western European Time. Some call it WEST during the summer. There is also Western European Standard Time from October to March each year. Greenwich Meantime is the zero start meaning that all other time zones are either the same as GMT or plus/minus a certain hour.

Between October and March Portugal is on GMT and so does not add an hour. Any country to the east of GMT will always add an hour. Any country to the west of GMT will subtract an hour. This means that if GMT is 8:40pm then countries to the west will be 7:40pm and countries to the east will be 9:40pm.

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During the summer months, Portugal is on the GMT +1 like the rest of the UK. This means that during March to October one adds an hour to the GMT time. If one lives in New York then one has to add five hours to the time in Portugal. This is because New York is GMT-4 and Portugal in summer is GMT+1, so there is a five hour difference.

Between October and March, when Portugal is on Western European Standard Time, then one adds only four hours to the time that it is in New York because Portugal is back to the GMT time.

There is a website: that has all the time zones that you might need to check on. It will tell you the current local times for most locations around the world including what it is in Portugal. This can be most helpful during daylight savings changes.

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Portugal is on a similar (not the same) LONGITUDE as the UK, hence the countries have decided not to have a time difference. If they were on the same latitude I don't think the Portugese would be very happy with their new weather! Either that or I would be very happy with mine...
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Portugal is on the same latitude as the UK and lies within the GMT+0.00 Zone, which means there is no difference in time of day between Portugal and the UK.
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