How Many Miles Are There In A Foot?


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If you meant how many feet in a mile the answer is 5280 ft.
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One foot is equal to 0.000189393939 miles. Thus there are .000189394 miles in each foot. One mile on the other hand contains five thousand two hundred and eighty feet. Both these units of measures are not used scientifically and the standard units of measurement of distance or length, area etc are those belonging to the metric system. These include millimetres, centimetres, meters and kilometres. A foot is around twelve inches long and in metric measurement each foot is .3048 meters long. A mile on the other hand is 1.609 kilometres. As a unit of measurement the mile was first used by the Romans. The Romans measured it as being equal to a thousand double steps. Feet on the other hand are believed to have also come from the Romans who borrowed it from the Greeks and was originally used by the Egyptians.
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I need to know how many times i need to walk around table that 24.3 ft to make a mile

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