How Many Miles Are There Between Charlotte And Winston Salem?


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Both Charlotte and Winston-Salem are located in North Carolina. There are 68 miles between the two cities. The lowest mileage driving distance between the cities is 78.1 miles. Winston-Salem is located to the north-east of Charlotte. The quickest driving time from one city to the other is 83.4 miles, and takes 1 hour and 22 minutes. This route follows the interstates I-85, I-77, and I-40. Another option is 78.1 miles, and takes approximately 1 hour and 24 minutes. It follows I-85 and United States highway 52. A third option is 98 miles long, and takes about 1 hour and 35 minutes.

Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina; however it is not the state’s capital. It is the county seat of Mecklenburg County, and is located near the border of South Carolina. Charlotte is well known for its banking industry, the Charlotte Motor Speedway, and for its University of North Carolina campus. It is currently one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. It also has a rapidly growing economy. Charlotte has its own National Football League team: The Carolina Panthers. The city also boasts several museums and performing arts organizations. Essentially, Charlotte is a happening city.

Winston-Salem is the fourth largest city in North Carolina. It is located in Forsyth County, and like Charlotte, it is a county seat. Winston-Salem is well-known for its art patronage. It also has a prominent baking industry, and was previously a major centre for the tobacco industry. It was especially famous for the Winston Camel brand cigarettes. There are several small universities located in Winston-Salem. The North Carolina University’s school of art is also located in Winston-Salem. Even though it is only the fourth largest city in North Carolina, Winston-Salem has a population of nearly a quarter-million. Winston-Salem is a great place for anyone interested in the arts or museums.
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Considering that both Charlotte and Winston-Salem are in the American state of North Carolina the distance is not very great. The distance in miles between Charlotte and Winston-Salem is 79.1 miles. If you're planning to drive from one to the other your travelling time is approximately and hour and a half, more precisely one hour and 23 minutes under normal traffic conditions. Keep in mind that you will have to head north west on the E Trade Street towards the North Davidson Street and then turn right at N Caldwell Street.

North Carolina was one of the 'Thirteen' colonies of the United States. History enthusiasts will be interested to note that it was the home of the first English colony of the Americas. It was also the place where the famous Wright brothers made their first heavier-than-air flight in 1903 near Kitty Hawk. Its population is 8,856,505 as per the findings of a 2006 census. North Carolina has a varied climate- in fact it has the greatest variation in climate amongst all the south-eastern states.
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