What Are The Bus Schedules From Grand Rapids, MI To Traverse City, MI?


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Grand Rapids and Traverse City are cities in Michigan, USA, with the latter closely bordering Lake Michigan. The problem with a specific bus schedule is that the route is 142 miles long. The route relies heavily on the US-131 N and isn't economically viable as a bus route.

If you are dead set on catching the bus you could consider a tough and complex bus hopping plan. Boarding several buses to make the short journeys from Grand Rapids to Comstock Park, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Howard City, Big Rapids, Reed City, Cadillac, Kingsley and finally arriving at Traverse City could work, however you should bear in mind that with the journey being stop/start it would take a long time and be very costly.

Alternatively there are short-haul flights between the cities and a train line. These options are more viable than a complex bus hopping route. The main line through Michigan is run by AMTRAK, and their rail timetable can be found on the link below.
For flights you can choose from Gerald R Ford International Airport in the south east of the Grand Rapids area, or you can head south west where Weller Airport and Riverview Airport are situated.

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