How Far Is It From Malaysia To Pakistan?


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From Malaysia to Pakistan is a distance of 2490 miles (4007 km or 2164 nautical miles) in a straight line "as the crow flies" direction. This figure is based on travelling from Penang, Malaysia to Lahore in Pakistan, so is indicative of the distance between these two countries.

A more accurate figure could be supplied by naming two particular cities, one in Malaysia and the other in Pakistan. However, 2490 miles is quite a reasonable ballpark figure to go on.

If you wish to look into this further using GPS or Google Earth for instance, the map co-ordinates for this example are: Penang, Malaysia 5:18:00N 100:17:00E; and Lahore, Pakistan  32:00:00N 74:18:00E.

You can see a hybrid map/satellite image of the region, with Malaysia and Pakistan clearly marked, by going to Google Maps. Use the buttons on the top right of the image to switch between a map view, a satellite image and the hybrid that displays by clicking the link above.
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If you measure the straight line flight distance ("as the crow flies"), the total distance from Malaysia to Pakistan is 2,753 miles or 4,430 kilometers.

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