How Far Is It From Jacksonville, Florida To Savannah, Georgia?


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Jacksonville, Florida is 139 miles, or 244 kilometers, away from Savannah, Georgia. Driving between the two locations will usually take about two and a half hours, depending on the speed you're traveling and how busy traffic is. If you're planning a trip from sunny Jacksonville to historic, picturesque Savannah, you'll enjoy knowing exactly how much distance you need to cover before you reach your destination.

Jacksonville is Florida's biggest city, and it features a pleasant, subtropical climate, as well as an occasional hurricane or two. This 875 square mile city is filled with lovely parks, such as Hemmings Plaza; it is also the home to the poignant and resonant Veteran's Memorial Wall, where people meet to pay their respects to fallen American soldiers each Memorial Day. Jacksonville is also a cultural hub, as it features its own symphony orchestra, as well as lots of lovely theatres, including the Ritz Theatre. Visitors flying into Jacksonville will arrive at the modern, well-equipped Jacksonville International Airport. If you're flying out of Jacksonville to Savannah, Georgia, your flight time should be about 15 minutes - however, the usual loading, unloading, and taxiing time will add about an hour or 90 minutes to the duration of your flight.

Savannah, Georgia is one of the jewels of the South; located in Chatham County, the city features two stunning historic districts that display countless examples of elegant Victorian architecture and design. Tourists flock to Savannah to enjoy the warm weather, refined ambiance, and historical significance of the city. Savannah is also a major seaport, and has served as the host venue for the sailing competition in the 1996 Olympics. The Southern charm and grace of this city, with its population of over 153,000 people, makes it an ideal destination for work, travel, or play…luckily, it's very close to Jacksonville, so traveling between the two cities is relatively easy.
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Distance from naples, florida to savannah, georgia

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