What Is The Average Age Of The British Airways Fleet?


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The average age of the British Airways fleet is just over 10 years, according to the most recent statistics. This figure, however, only includes the airline's Boeing and Airbus aircraft and not the smaller regional planes used by BA Connect.

BA's oldest aircraft types include the Boeing 737 which are, on average, 14.9 years old. BA's 21 Boeing 767 aircraft are a close second in terms of age, as they are 13.9 years old, on average. This is followed by the Boeing 747. On average, these massive, long-haul planes are about 12.6 years old.

The carrier's newest planes include the seven Airbus A321 aircraft, which are only 2.2 years old. This is followed by the A319 which, on average, is 6.3 years of age.

The 2006 survey of BA's fleet was based on an examination of 233 aircraft and these figures were compared to those of up to 149 other airlines.

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