What Type Of Food Does British Airways Serve On Transatlantic, Long-haul Flights?


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British Airways normally serves a hot dinner on all transatlantic flights from North America to the United Kingdom, as well as a light, continental breakfast in the mornings.

British airways: Classy meals British airways offers different meal options depending on what class ticket you hold.

The different classes that would apply to a long haul flight include:
  • First
  • Club World
  • World Traveller
  • World Traveller Plus
For the specific menu choices that these different classes offer, I'd suggest checking out the British Airways website.

In-flight meals on British Airways For economy class travel, the menu served varies throughout the year and usually includes seasonal food as well as cuisine relevant to your place of departure as well as your destination.   

According to several internet reviews, dinner normally consists of a choice between chicken and rice, or beef and mashed potatoes. Both options are also served with a small tomato salad, cake and chocolate. Dinner comes with a good selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and various cocktails.

On some flights, BA flight attendants will also serve extra drinks and pretzels prior to dinner. Special meals are also available, but these must, in all cases, be ordered ahead of time.

British Airways breakfast Breakfast on transatlantic BA flights is very basic. It normally consists of a muffin, a fruit yoghurt, orange juice, as well as tea and coffee.

Flights from the UK to destinations in North America include a hot lunch served shortly after departure, with complimentary drinks, as well as a light snack prior to arrival.

Bar service and complimentary drinks are available for the duration of all transatlantic flights.

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