What Holidays Do Gypsies Celebrate?


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The correct word for what we call gypsies is actually the Roma, or alternatively Romanies, for whom the word 'gypsy' could be seen as derogatory at times. They are a varied ethnic group who inhabit mostly the southern and eastern parts of Europe, western parts of Asia, Latin America, as well as the United States of America. They are thought to have originally come from India, from the regions of Punjab and Rajasthan.

Majority of the Roma talk in one of the many dialects of an indo Aryan tongue called Romani, although most also speak the language of the region they inhabit.

Most Roma also take up the main religion of the country they reside in, at the same time maintaining characteristic features of their specific belief systems and forms of worship. Hence, they also celebrate the same festivals which are celebrated by most people of the country they live in.

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