How Many Holidays Does China Celebrate?


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Do china celebrate easter
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Chinese celebrate Official Holidays and Traditional Holidays. The details of each are as follows;

The Official Holidays are as follows;

New Year's Day (January 1)
International Women's Day (March 8)
Tree-Planting Day (April 1)
International Labor Day (May 1)
Youth Day (May 4)
Children's Day (June 1)
The CCP's Birthday (July 1)
Army's Day (August 1)
Teacher's Day (September 1)
National Day (October 1)

The Chinese Traditional Holidays with some activities are as follows;

-Lantern Festival (15th of the 1st month) Lantern exhibits, lion and dragon dances, and eating Tang Yuan.
-Qing Ming (Pure & Bright in Chinese) (Fifth of the 24 Solar Terms) People do excursion to 'tread grass'.
-Duan Wu (Dragon Boat) Festival (5th of the 5th month)
The Seventh Eve (7th of the seventh month)
Mid-Autumn Festival (15th of the eighth month) Full moon sighting with family while feasting on good wine, fruits and moon-cakes features the night event.
-Spring Festival (The Chinese New Year) (1st of the 1st month)

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