What Do You Like To Do During The Holidays?


8 Answers

tina harris Profile
tina harris answered
Setting back enjoying your family. Cooking.having a nice time not running around. Just relaxing around the house. This what I like doing on the holidays.  
Drummergal Profile
Drummergal answered
Cooking for my sons , grandson and friends  

Merry Christmas Maxine

Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Definitely cooking for family & friends, decorating, being home.
Caleb Iamlegend Profile
Caleb Iamlegend answered
During the holidays I like to go shopping because every thing is cheaper than normally is and that means I can get more stuff with my money.
Jason Levy Profile
Jason Levy answered

I would like to explore places, meet new people and travel to near by places. I have visited many beach locations and i found it best for me to relax.

Dorian Bentley Profile
Dorian Bentley answered
I like to go local.  We generally have a relaxing holiday along the Norfolk coast in one of the many holiday villages.  The family has a great time and so do I!

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