How Far Of A Drive Is It From Vancouver, BC To Los Angeles, CA?


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Vancouver, British Columbia to Los Angeles, California is approximately a drive of 1279 miles. In total, you will be looking at  about 20 hours of solid driving, plus fuel and rest stops, and overnight halts along the way.

I have punched in details of this trip at for you, so if you care to follow the link you can obtain driving directions.

Click the Revise links and enter the exact addresses of your starting and finishing points to update the mileage and timing, and to obtain door-to-door driving directions as well.

There are also links to maps for each section of the journey, and it is also possible to add in up to ten other destinations along the way and to fine tune the directions for the shortest time or shortest distance. You can also reverse the route and elect to avoid toll roads, seasonally closed roads and avoid highways.

It is also possible to view zoomable maps and to send the directions to your printer or email address.
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It is 1276 miles which will take 19.43 hours to drive

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