What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Attend Walt Disney World?


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Walt Disney World Resort, an extremely popular recreational resort is most often simply called Walt Disney World or just Disney World. You can visit it any day of the week you like since it is open almost all days. The park timings vary and are usually from nine in the morning right until 8 in the evening.

The closing time can also be extended to nine, ten, eleven or even midnight on some days. It would be best to check the official website as timings are subject to change.

There is also a special feature known as 'Extra Magic Hours'. This means that every day just one of the different Disney Theme Parks will open its doors either an hour early or will stays open late, up to three hours even after regular Park closing. Thus, Disney Resort Guests, with their valid Theme park tickets have the option of enjoying easy access to some select attractions.
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Susie Q Froggster
I have always found that Tuesday seems to be the best day for visiting Walt Disney World. the lines aren't very long at all, all the seating for the shows are close enough to see what's going on and it just seems like it is the best day to go, after a busy weekend but not getting ready for another one right away. The workers seem happier that day,too. Just my opinion, I have Ben there almost every day of the week and weekend, Tuesday just seemed the best to me. Have fun and enjoy your trip!

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