How Many Miles Is It From Sea World To Walt Disney World Resort?


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There is very little distance between Sea World, Florida, United States of America and Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, United States of America. Sea World is located in city of Lake Buena Vista, Florida while Walt Disney World is located in the city of Orlando. The actual distance between these two places is less than approximately 10 miles. It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes in order to reach your destination. It is much faster and direct if you travel by road. There is also a shuttle service between these two destinations which take a small fee in return of the service. You can also consider that option. There is just a straight road between these two places and you need to get on the highway called SR-400.

These two places generate tremendous income in a year because there are more than three million tourists visiting these places every year.
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I would love to know where you would catch this shuttle service to get from Disney to Universal/Sea World and what is the fee
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They usually run a fre bus service between the two or may now charge a low fee but theres always buses running around Kissimmee to shuttle people around here

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