What Is The Distance Between Fort Lauderdale And Disney World?


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There is an approximate distance of 200 miles separating Fort Lauderdale from Disney World. Depending on where your trip originates from, the actual distance can range anywhere from 180 to 220 miles.

If you're looking to make the trip from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando's Disney World, and by all means, you should, it'll be a blast! Then know that you have a diverse range of travel options to select from, as 200 miles is one of those not-too-long, not-too-short distances that are covered by most modes of transportation.

The money-savers among us tend to simply drive the distance. At a few hours long, the trip is far from being intolerable. People who have flown in to Fort Lauderdale from another location, or those who simply do not own their own vehicle, can always rent a car.

Public transportation is of course an option, assuming that you're willing to map a route that takes into account the potential for both delays and the kind of tricky timing issues that can greatly impede your travelling success. As an alternative to navigating the sometimes labyrinthian public transportation system, some private companies offer a shuttling service that will take you from Fort Lauderdale to Walt Disney World.

When time is a factor and the thought of spending three or more hours on the road is particularly off-putting, then you can also travel via plane. Both Fort Lauderdale and Orlando have active airports, and flights between these two cities are common.

To summarise, the distance between these locations is somewhere around 200 miles, and it can be travelled in just about any way imaginable. On average, you can expect your trip to take somewhere around three hours, which isn't too bad at all and will certainly seem worth it once you've arrived at Disney World.

Have fun!
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It is approximately 210 miles.
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If you go up 95 at 70mph, you should arrive in about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. It'll be about the same time  if you go up th center of the state through kissimee.

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