How Much Is A Guinea ( G ) Compared To A Pound ( £ ) Please?


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Although the prices may change depending on the level of interest and stock etc. A guinea is generally considered to be worth around £1.05 in modern currency. This was its value a few years ago so it may have since gone up in value thanks to inflation and other factors. For a current and up to date value, you could get in touch with a coin dealer in your local area that will be able to use their expert knowledge to advise you accordingly. Indeed, it is quite difficult to put a value on an ancient coin that is no longer in use or circulation.

The value of a guinea may be higher and more sought after to a coin enthusiast if it comes as part of a set with other collectable coins.

The guinea was a coin that was used in England between 1717 and 1816. It was a gold coin that was equivalent to around 20 shillings which in today’s market would probably be just over £1.05.

The name itself originates from the Guinea region in West Africa and it was the gold from this area that was in turn then used to produce the coins.

Although the coin is no longer in circulation, the name is still a popular term in horse racing and betting terminology.
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In old money there were 20 shillings in a one pound note and 240 pennies in a pound. A guinea was equal to 1 pound and 1 shilling. Today a shilling would equal about 5 pence. A florin was two shillings and half a crown was two shillings and sixpence.
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One pound one shilling or £1.05 in today's money

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