Which Country Uses The Currency Of The Lira?


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Their is currently no country  that uses that currency.
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Well, if your initial thoughts are Italy, you would be utterly wrong of course! Italy used to have the Lira as its unit of currency, but they currently use the EURO, the European economic unit of currency, a single European currency.

The euro (known affectionately as the YO-YO, is used by thirteen of countries of the European Union: Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia and Finland.

In the past, the following Lira's existed:

Israeli Lira, Italian Lira, Italian East African Lira, Somaliland Lira,
Neapolitan Lira and the Vatican City Lira.

The countries that still maintain use of a currency called the Lira are:

The New Turkish Lira was introduced in 2006,
The Maltese Lira (sometimes known strangely as the pound)
The Cypriot Lira
Lebanese Lira

Formerly, it was the main currency in places such as The Vatican, the home of the Pope and San Marino.
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