How Many Miles Between Reno, NV To Sacramento, CA?


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If you are traveling from Reno, NV to Sacramento, CA via Highway 80, it is 182 miles or approximately 293 km. If you are driving non stop would take you approximately 3 hours and 18 minutes. This is the approximate journey time according to google maps. This route takes you on the I80 and starts from Old US 395. N and then heads north toward W 4th street. 

If you want to simply travel from Reno, NV to Sacramento, CA without the extra stop, it amounts to 132 miles or approximately 212 km which would take you approximately 2 hours 18 minutes if you drove non stop from Reno to Sacramento. This route appears quite simple as for the majority of the time you stay on the same road, the I80 W which takes you from W 8th street in Reno all the way to F street right on the outskirts of Sacramento. From there it is approximately half a mile to Sacramento.

Both journeys stated above travel through the Tahoe National forest which is a forest spread across six counties and consists of approximately 84,000 acres of land. Tahoe was originally established as Lake Tahoe forest reserve in 1899 and changed its name to Tahoe in 1905.
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The distance from Reno to Sacramento is 179 kilometers or 111 miles or 97 nautical miles and this distance is called theoretical air distance.
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