What Countries Can A Kenyan Passport Holder Visit Visa Free?


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A holder of a Kenyan passport can enter Ethiopia, San Marino, Jamaica and Eritrea without a visa. These are the only 3 countries that do not require a visa from a Kenyan citizen.  If however, somebody with a passport wanted to enter Kenya without a visa they could do so if they were citizens of any of the following countries:
•  Barbados
•  Belize
•  Botswana
•  Brunei
•  Cyprus
•  Dominica
•  Fiji Island
•  Ghana
•  Grenada
•  Jamaica
•  Kiribati
•  Lesotho
•  Malawi
•  Maldives
•  Malta
•  Mauritius
•  Namibia
•  Nauru
•  Papua New Guinea
•  Rwanda
•  Samoa
•  St Kitts & Nevis
•  Sierra Leona
•  Solomon Islands
•  St Lucia
•  St Vincent
•  Swaziland
•  Seychelles
•  The Gambia
•  Tanzania
•  Tonga
•  Trinidad and Tobago
•  Tuvalu
•  Uganda
•  Vanuatu
•  Zambia
•  Zimbabwe

Citizens of both Malaysia and South Africa can visit Kenya for a total of thirty days without the need for a visa.

Kenya is situated next to the Indian Ocean and shares its borders with Somalia, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania. The population of Kenya is 39 million, and the capital city is Nairobi, which is used as a stop to refuel for many aircraft on long haul flights. The country is named after Africa's second biggest mountain range, Mount Kenya. The country varies in landscape more than most, with desert areas, grasslands, forests, mountains and a long coastline. Kenya also has a number of wildlife reserves and is home to many ethnic groups of people. The country boasts one of the largest economies in Africa.

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Can Kenyan Passport go to Belarus with visa....? I mean does tourist visa require Kenya passport?
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What are the requirement if I got kenyan pass port and I need to travel to fiji
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Do I need visa with kenyan passport to new zealand but married to uk passport holder
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Kenyan can enter visa free in Malaysia, I was there two years ago and I dint need to apply for any visa, all you need is your passport and the vaccination certificate.
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Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Micronesia, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Samoa, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Kosovo, Timor Leste, Syria, Singapore, Philippines, Nepal, Macau, Maldives, Malaysia, Laos, Hong Kong, Georgia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Armenia, British Virgin Islands

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