How Can I Get A Loan From Japan When I Am Not A Japanese Citizen?


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Most countries' banks require that you be a citizen, or at least resident in a country in order for you to get a small scale loan. If you are a very large corporation with a proven track record, you might have a bit more luck. The reason that banks would want to know that you are a citizen or resident is for reassurance. They need to know that they can trace you if they need to get in touch for repayment. Also, if you are a citizen or resident, your past actions in business and commerce are easier to trace. Documented evidence of your past financial activity is how banks decide whether or not to give you a loan. Banks must put their trust in you in order to grant a road and they are more likely to do so if you are located in the country and can produce records of your financial activity there.
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Could you kindly give some bank names in Japan. I want to get a loan. I am a citizen of New Zealand.
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You need to have a really good paying job and some time in the country.  don't let the PR thing scare you.  I don't have PR and I have bought a home here in Japan, have numerous credit cards, and keep my payments up which in turn keeps my credit score on the rise.
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In Japan it is impossible to get any form of loan, even a credit card, without permanent resident status. Citizenship is not required, but permanent residency is.

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