I Am A Filipino Citizen. How Do I Get A Tourist Visa For Greece?


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To apply for a Greek tourist visa from the Philippines you can get in touch with either the Greek embassy or the Greek consulate.

Applying for a Greek visa to the Philippines

If you're planning to travel to Greece, I'd recommend that you begin your visa application as early as possible. Visa application is a notoriously slow process in the Philippines.

The first thing to do is to contact the relevant Greek authority.
The website for the Greek embassy in Manila is one source you may want to examine for information pertaining to the visa application process.

Alternatively, the contact details for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself are:

Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Address: 1st Vas. Sofias Av.
106 71 Athens, GreeceTelephone: +30 210 368 1000Fax: +30 210 368 1717

Visa requirements for Filipinos travelling to Greece

Greece is a member of something called the 'Schengen Area' This is a group of European countries that have joined their border control and visa process to make it easier for people travelling between these member countries.

The first thing to do when applying for your visa is to download a copy of the visa application form provided on the Greek Embassy website.

You will then need to arrange an appointment with a visa issuer to discuss your application and take it further. I would recommend you contact the embassy directly and establish who it is they outsource their visa application process to.

There is a lot of contradictory information on the internet regarding the visa application process, and much of this is posted by private companies who can genuinely assist you with your application - but do so at a fee.

They are by no means official representatives of the Greek embassy or consulate, and processing your application through them is not mandatory.
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Of course, you need to go first at the Greek Embassy at Makati or any European Union Embassies in Metro Manila and be prepared for an interview for visa purposes.

If you're lucky enough to be granted a visa, the Embassy will issue you a Schengen visa which entitles you to travel the different countries of the European Union, not only Greece. GOOD LUCK!

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