Is There A Cheap Way To Go To Japan For A Month?


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There are a number of ways you could travel to Japan without having to fork out too much money.

There are some useful ideas below on how to get to the land of the rising sun - and also how to save money once you arrive:

Cheap travel to Japan If you're planning to buy tickets to Japan, booking well in advance might help you find a better deal. Also, staying clear of peak-season is a good idea.

Peak tourist season in Japan is Springtime. The summers can be hot and muggy, and winters tend to be rather cold and grey.

If you can stand the miserable weather, winter is probably the best time for cut-price deals.

Looking for a last-minute deal is also another way to find a bargain price. Here's one blog site that has some great advice on how to get cheap flights to Japan.

Ways to get to Japan for FREE (or at least for very little) Believe it or not, there are actually ways that you can get a flight to Japan for next to nothing.

  • One way would be to enrol in a transfer program with your college or school. This is where students from Japan switch places with you for a fixed amount of time.
  • Japan Exchange and Teaching is another great program. All you need is a university degree to sign up and - as long as you're willing to teach some Japanese kids English - you could get free flights and accommodation, as well as an actual salary!
  • WWOOF is another way to get to Japan on the cheap. It is a farming project, in which people travel from all around the world to come and work on a Japanese farm.
The only downside is that you'll be spending a lot of time working on a farm - but you'll be able to enjoy the culture and people of Japan in your free time...
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The cheapest way to go to Japan is to go there in the month of June or July because it is rainy season.

August, late April/early May and around Christmas and New Year are the most expensive seasons or occasions.

So try to go to Japan in June or July if you want cheap tickets.
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Thank you, that is a really good thing to know since those are the months we have to What a coincidence. We need to go before college starts and right after high school so thank you a lot. If you read this comment, is there a range of money to be saved for one month for two people with plane tickets lodging and sightseeing. Just an average is fine. Thanks.

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