What Injections Do I Need For Visiting Egypt?


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There are several recommended vaccinations for tourists to consider taking prior to visiting Egypt. These include shots for Hepatitis A and the vaccine for Typhoid.

Whether you need other shots depends on where you are coming from. If you have lived in, or travelled to an area of the world infected with Yellow Fever, then you should get a shot for this as well, prior to visiting Egypt, as this may be required by Egyptian authorities. This is the case even if you are simply transiting infected counties, like Angola, Kenya, the Ivory Coast, Panama and Nicaragua. The list of countries can change from time to time, so it is highly advisable to check with the Egyptian consulate or embassy in your home country prior to travelling. You may actually be denied entry into Egypt if you do not have this vaccination.

For tourists who plan to stay in Egypt for a period of more than six months, it is highly recommended to take the vaccine for Hepatitis B, as well as a Rabies shot for all visitors who plan to stay in rural areas, or on farms.
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There are several vaccinations that are highly recommended for tourists planning a trip to Egypt. You should get an injection for Hepatitis "A," as well as another shot for Typhoid fever. If you did not receive a Polio booster vaccination, then you should get this as well. It is also wise to get a Tetanus-diphtheria vaccination, especially if you have not had an injection for the past 10 years.
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My wife and I are traveling for the first time to Sharm el Sheik for a short holiday, do we need any jabs ??

Kind regards
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You'll get the most reliable information if you phone your doctor's surgery and ask for what they recommend. It's the sort of advice that changes from month to month, and sometimes depending on the month (what time of year you go).

That said, it's likely that you'll be recommended to make sure that you have the following 3, all part of the usual vaccination programmes in the west, up to date:

Diptheria (must be given at least 3 months before travel)

These jabs will be the additional ones you will probably be advised to get:

Typhoid (min. 10 days before you go)
Hepatitis A (at least 2 weeks before you go)

People who are going to be in Egypt for a month or longer might also be advised to get innoculated against:

Hepatitis B (2 months before travel)
Rabies (1 month before leaving)
Tuberculosis (3 months before going)

It may also be recommended to get a jab against Yellow Fever, depending exactly where you go.
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I am going to egypt do I need any injections in an all inclusive resort or do my children age 9& 7 thankyou.
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We is going to sharm in july and they advised me to have yellow fever if you go in the river nile
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I'm goin to egypt in may and I am aware that I need certain vaccinations for my holiday, I was just wondering if there is a cost for this and how much?
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Anonymous answered    this is your best bet to get the correct information. I'm going to sharm next week and was advised to get hep A, tetanus, diphtheria, polio and typhoid
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I am going to turkey do I need any injections in an all inclusive resort oe do my children age 7 and 10
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I doubt that you will. Go to a website specialying in this topic.
If you have a baby, though, who has not yet had their injections, these would be required before traveling.
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Depends were abouts your going. I went to sharm el shiek and I didn't need any
I imagine if your going ciaro or somewhere you need a visa you may need to. It would be
best to ask your doctor
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Going to alexandria in egypt in august what injections do I need and do I have to pay for them

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