What Is The Distance From New York To Niagara Falls?


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Assuming that New York means New York City, as in Manhattan, it will be approximately 406 miles.

This can range a little bit depending on exactly where in New York City to exactly where in Niagara Falls you want to go, but it should also take you roughly 7 hours to get there if you go by car.

There are many sites on the internet that will allow you to search distance between two points. You can visit Google’s version of this at where you’ll be able to type in a location and hit search. You’ll then be able to see a map of the world and specifically where you entered, in this case Manhattan.

If you have a specific address within Manhattan, you can enter it here, otherwise it will use the city center. Then click on Directions and you will be able to enter a 2nd address.

Once you’ve entered the second address, directions will come up. Google then gives you the directions on how to get there, how many miles it is (or you can switch it to kilometers) and how long it will take you.

If you don’t plan on driving, you can select other modes. You can choose to drive by car, by public transit, by walking or by cycling. Depending on the mode selected will give you different turn by turn directions and an estimated time it will take you to make the trip.

On Google, you’ll be able to zoom in to see what’s around. You can see the different cities you’ll pass through as you’re en route to Niagara Falls. Specifically, you’ll go through Monticello, Corning and Buffalo among the many others to get to your destination. If you are printing the map, you can also choose to go the reverse way so that you can make it back to Manhattan.
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The distance between the city of New York, New York, United States of America and Niagara Falls, New York is approximately 411 miles which equals to approximately 612 kilometres by road. It is advisable to go by road or train to Niagara Falls from New York, because you will be passing some of the most beautiful natural landscapes of America.

In order to get there you will have to pass through some highways which are I-280 W, I-80 W, 290, I-380, I-690 W, I-81 N and other more such highways. You will also have to pass through some streets such as Hudson Street, Newark Avenue, Scranton, Baldwinsville, Rainbow Boulevard, Hiram Street and many other more such roads.

It is better to check the weather conditions of both of these places before leaving as some of the roads and highways might be closed due to extreme weather such as rain and snow.
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The total distance between Niagara Falls and New York is 410 square miles. Niagara Falls is a collection of gigantic waterfalls situated towards the Niagara River in the eastern region of North America.

The Niagara Falls are placed on the border of Canada and America, and consists of three separate waterfalls. The Falls are positioned approximately 16 miles away from the American city of Buffalo and roughly 43 miles from Toronto, Canada. The falls were shaped post the diminishing of the glaciers of the Ice Age.
With nearly six million cubic feet of water falling onto the Crestline every minute in soaring flow, and approximately four million cubic feet on average, its said to be the most prominent waterfall in North America. The falls are also a well known tourist destination.
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DO you mean New York City?  Niagara Falls and New York City are in the same time zone (Eastern Standard Time/Eastern Daylight Time) so there is no time difference.

If you mean travel time distance, New York City is 406 miles from Niagara Falls, and so by car it's a 6.5 hour drive. By plane it's a 45 minute flight .  

By Amtrak train, the ride is 8-9 hours long. There is train service from Penn Station in Manhattan.

There is a Greyhound service ( bus service ) to Niagara Falls, also. This way takes  9-11 hours.

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