What Is The Distance In Miles From Birmingham To Leeds?


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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom would be found about 92 miles (that is, 148 kilometres) from Leeds, England, United Kingdom, as the crow flies.    Birmingham, a city and metropolitan borough, may be found in the West Midlands, located in England. This buzzing city is the largest found among England's core cities. Additionally it is generally deemed as the U.K's second city. It was thrust of the Industrial Revolution which took place in Britain.  As per the year 2005 estimates, this City of Birmingham was home to about 1,001,200 people.    Leeds, on the other hand, is a major city positioned in West Yorkshire, in England. You will find Leeds on the River Aire. It is the urban hub belonging to the well-known City of Leeds metropolitan borough. As per the UK's 2001 census, estimates show the Leeds Urban Area was home to 443,247 people and the metropolitan borough, that is, City of Leeds was home to 715,404 people.
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