How Many Miles Is It From Birmingham To Torquay?


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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom may be found about 155.3 miles (that is, 249.9 kilometres) away from Torquay, England, United Kingdom. Thus it's about 134.9 nautical miles away.

Birmingham refers to the celebrated city and metropolitan borough tucked away in the West Midlands, in England. It's the biggest when taking into account all of England's core cities. It thought to be the UK's second city. It comes third when listing most visited cities situated in the UK. "The workshop of the world" in addition to the "city of a thousand trades" is just some of Birmingham's nicknames.

Torquay is a town nestled in Devon, England. You will find it 26 kilometres (that is 16 miles) to the south of Exeter. In the 19th century, this little town turned into a trendy seaside resort. It's often called the English Riviera.

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