How Many Miles Is It From Birmingham To Blackpool?


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Roughly 126 miles
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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom will be found roughly 104 miles (that is, 168 kilometres) away from Blackpool, England, United Kingdom, as the crow flies.

Birmingham refers to the illustrious city and metropolitan borough on the Birmingham Plateau in the West Midlands, situated in England. It's the biggest core city of England, largely held as being the UK's second city. For instance, Birmingham is in fact third on the list of most visited cities in the UK.

Blackpool, on the other hand, is what a seaside town in Lancashire is called. It's found in the north-west section of England, just alongside the coastline of the Irish Sea. You will find it, with a population of 142,900 people, about fifteen miles (that is 25 km) to the west of Preston city. It is a popular tourist hub.

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