What Is The Distance Between London, England And Pretoria, South Africa?


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The distance between the city of London (the capital of the United Kingdom) and the city of Pretoria (the capital of South Africa) is approximately 8, 991 kilometres which, when converted into miles, is equivalent to approximately 5, 587 miles and when converted into nautical miles, is equivalent to approximately 4, 855 nautical miles.

London is located at a latitude of about 51 degrees and thirty minutes to the north and a longitude of zero degrees (that is, on the equator) and seven minutes to the west. On the other hand, Pretoria is located at latitude of approximately 25 degrees and 43 minutes to the south and a longitude of approximately 28 degrees and 11 minutes to the east.

When you fly from London to Pretoria, you are heading 162.6 degrees to the south-southeast.

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