What Is The Distance Between Miami South Beach And Fort Lauderdale Airport In Florida State?


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The distance between these two destinations is 29 to 35 miles and will take roughly 40 minutes when travelling by car. The quickest route is:

1. Head south on Pine Tree Dr toward W 44th St
0.2 mi
2. Take the 3rd right onto W 41st St
0.6 mi
3. Continue onto I-195 W
4.0 mi
4. Take exit 1 to merge onto I-95 N
22.1 mi
5. Take exit 27 toward FL-842/Broward Blvd/Downtown
0.5 mi
6. Continue straight
0.5 mi
7. Turn right onto W Broward Blvd
1.6 mi
8. Make a U-turn at SE 1st Ave
367 ft

Miami South beach offers tranquil beaches in nearly permanent sunshine. Miami Beach also offers world class shopping, designer boutiques hotels and spas. There are plenty of restaurants located in beautiful settings. The night life is also unbeatable.

Fort Lauderdale also has various hotels, arts and entertainment . Fort Lauderdale is known for its Butterfly World and for its thoroughbred racing at Gulfstream Park. There are also plenty of spas and museums available.

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Roughly 67 miles from point A to B.

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