How Do Big Cruise Ships Stay Afloat On The Sea If They Are So Heavy?


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Water displacement. When the weight of the water the ship displaces is the same as the weight of the ship, the ship floats.
The ship is large but contains a lot of empty space, so it's mass to volume ratio (density) is small, less than or equal to that of water. If the empty space on the ship were to be filled with something, sand for example, it would not float because the weight of the ship would be far greater than that of the water it was displacing.
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It all has a little to do with physics, because colossal ships remain above water, displacing an amount of water equal to their mass. To be honest, I haven't even thought about this question, because I'm not really interested in it. More interesting to me is the Fort Lauderdale dinner cruise. I enjoy that kind of time with the whole family. The feeling of having all your family and loved ones by your side on a cruise simply cannot be described in words. But this kind of entertainment is not suitable for people who are afraid of the sea, the depth and everything else.

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